Shadow's Poetry...
Actually Untitled
*The* Rose
...But I Am
Baby Baby
Garden Of Glass
The Dance Of Eternal Light
Lost Soul
Parak-Ne Bachin 'De
I'm Not Okay
Deserted Losses
Just Don't Know
Into The Mist Of Memories
Can You Hear Me?
Untitled...Any Suggestions?
Untitled, My Dear
The Shadow
Eternally Yours
I Feel
Lethal Assassin/Last Time
Opposing Forces
Eternal Sunshine
Shadow's "One Step Closer"
Daddy (2)
Kiss Of Death
Don't Ask...Don't Know...
The Animal In Me
Uh...No Comment?
Tear My Heart Open
Peacin' Out...Signing Off
Reduced To Tears
Please Understand
That Fight I Didn't Win
The Reaper
Shadows Of Oblivion
Just Had To Let Go
Stray Bullet
Actually Untitled
The Dance
Loving You
For You
Only Friends
Confused And Wishing
Friend In A New World
Taking Chances
What I Need To See
My Heart With You
The Fire Of Hate
Drowning In Fury
The Tears Of Fear
Sudden Betrayal
Life Is Like A Game
I Wish
Last Words
Still Together
Couldn't Say I'm Sorry
Remembering You
A Time
Walking Tall
Ready To Die
Where Did You Go?
Forced Lie
An Angel?
Missing You Already
My Dad: Gone Too Soon
Protecting You
I'm Sorry
The Day I Died
It Could Have Been
Betrayal Is The Cruelest Thing
The End
The Real Me That Nobody Sees
Too Late
If I Died Tomorrow
My Grandma And Grandpa
My Family And Friends
Friends Are Like Angels
For My Father
To My Mother
Another Day
Kill Me
Suicide (2)
What Went Wrong?
Suicide Intentions
Desecrated Glory
You Betrayed Me- The Other Side
You Betrayed Me
What Was It Before?
For Us
Until Death Do Us Part
I Love You And Goodbye
One Of The Things That Break Me
Darkness Falls
Drawn Together
I'm Not All Right
Holy Alliance
Do You Know what You Mean To Me?
Get Your Desires When I Retire

Well, no...because I threw the word "actually" in there, "Actually Untitled" became the title, but w/e. Dedicated to Cody...damn woman, you really don't know how much I love you, do you?

I know you love me, but I stand alone.

After tonight, Ill always miss those long talks on the phone.

These natural demons stand before me with malicious intent.

They swear by their eternity that to hell Ill be sent.

I question your call, but I dont want your voice.

I know I should hang up, but I dont have a choice.

I love you you whispered into my ear,

And I just had to shed an icy tear.

Because against my conscience, we can never be,

For these demons have forsaken me.

Please close your eyes against the twilight,

It will all be over before dawns rays formulate a highlight.

Come forth, please, and see the brightness.

Your smiles forever lead to the tendencies of likeness.

Take this picture, manifest it onto a frame of steel,

Because I cry as I write this on a pad: the way I feel.

The world cant hear me when Im continually screaming,

I thought we could be, I must have been dreaming.

These incubi and succubi are completely heartless,

If not for me, theyd tear apart this with their darkness.

In my life, know you have played your part,

Youve dug yourself a little hole within my heart.

I dont want to say this, but the world has been dragging me down,

So Im lost in the chaos, and being tossed around.

Everything weve said is stuck in my head,

Im looking for a way out, but Im constantly misled.

Like a stray bullet, they force themselves upon me,

Its a place so dark you can hardly see.

Im sorry, I love you, and my life is done.

Where my game ends, yours has just begun.

I fight back the legion of sorrowful tears.

God knows I have loved you for so many years.

Myself, I choose to now betray,

This wont go as some words I didnt get to say:

I love you, and I always will,

I never made a promise I didnt intend to fulfill.

I will fight these demons as hard as I can,

Keep right on fighting until they take me to a foreign land.

I find myself fighting thirty demons all alone,

All I want to do is be with you at home.

When it is over, I will never scream,

Will not give them the pleasure of haunting my dreams.

I will remain silent until the moment of my death,

And will pledge my love to you as I expel my last breath.

I will not call for help because I wont involve my friends,

They know as well as I that peace comes when life ends.

Dont cry for me, I will be in that peace,

Along with my life, the demons will decease.

I simply deny aggression; Im constantly alone,

I pour out my weakness, theres emptiness at home.

I need to find a reason to live this way,

Im looking for that reason till this very day.

Im still here, left all alone,

So far away from my home.

Im wishing just to see a start,

But Im still caught up on my disjointed heart.

My blood is released, steady streams turn to flood,

Ive got no conviction to my own flesh and blood.

Youre the only reason in my life for my ill heart to heal,

But when things go wrong, I pretend my past isnt real.

I always keep these feelings locked up inside,

Because Im always keeping my distance from your eyes.

Im standing here, but Im on my way.

Im standing here, but its all the same.

Im amidst the demons, looking for an answer.

They come upon me as plagues such as cancer.

Binded by their evil ways, taking their words to heart,

Its cultish and anthemic, until death do us part.

I find myself wishing I could have what once had been,

I miss the past, but accept that Im drowning in sin.

I wish so bad we could live in the past,

Yet this time is moving on so very fast.

Although I fight while completely alone,

My love for you will always condone.

I know you said youd be there for me,

But the demons eat at my soul constantly.

I dont want you to be there when it all goes down,

Dont want you to see them place upon me a fiendish crown.

I want you to know that Ill always hold true,

And never tried to bring pain unto you.

I look in my past, and whats there is not what ought to be.

The only thing that holds me back is the battles youve fought for me.

Theres a tightrope all of us hold within,

But mine is wearing so very thin.

The wave attacks, and I close my eyes,

I can withhold the hate this demon supplies.

At the peak of this concurring balmy night,

I will be struck down, no matter how hard I fight.

When it is over, and I am dead,

know I have cherished all things youve said.

the demons may throw me into a bottomless hole,

but in your heart will forever be the remains of my soul.

Now Im losing my mind, I cant get ahead,

forced in me is images of bodies of red.

I think of the things with you that would make you not want to come back,

I never thought about anything quite like that.

Being trapped in this with you,

is something that I never wanted to do.

But through it all you got to see where I want to be:

over the pen again, letting it out of me.

Im seeing the center of the days of my dreams,

all my thoughts are getting lost in between.

You were going to be crushed when it all fell apart,

but I hold you tight in that little space youve made in my heart.

I never was, and Im hoping you may not see,

the strain it puts to me, and consequently:

Ive run away, hidden in the boundaries of the nameless.

I wish so bad I wasnt sitting here, saying this.

Im just seeing what I did to myself, my heads full of hectic,

I know, one day, I will soon regret this.

Everythings the wrong place, the wrong time.

Adequate the benefit is wrongly mine.

I realize I may have wanted it the way that it seems,

but Im keeping with the killing with a head full of screams.

I now know that I get no chance, I get no breaks,

fakes and stakes quickly lead to mistakes.

All I can do now is close my eyes,

fight back against the lies, only hearing the demons cries.

Shrill scream sounds of my defeat.

Deaths dark voice, I will soon greet.

Im breaking apart my heart to find release,

take the hate out of my blood to bring me peace.

Ive been stripped of my announcance, taking pity on myself,

no circature nor grievance; god left me in this hell.

Can I express to the point I regress?

Angers are kept and I guess Ive been blessed.

Its too late to love me now,

its over for me anyhow.

I know you never tried to show me,

but do you really even know me?

Know that I love you as these demons take me away,

and I will see you in another day.

Never in my life could I call you mine,

but I will love you until the end of time.

And I know you love me, but I stand alone.

After tonight, ill always miss those long talks on the phone.

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