Shadow's Poetry...
Do You Know what You Mean To Me?
*The* Rose
...But I Am
Baby Baby
Garden Of Glass
The Dance Of Eternal Light
Lost Soul
Parak-Ne Bachin 'De
I'm Not Okay
Deserted Losses
Just Don't Know
Into The Mist Of Memories
Can You Hear Me?
Untitled...Any Suggestions?
Untitled, My Dear
The Shadow
Eternally Yours
I Feel
Lethal Assassin/Last Time
Opposing Forces
Eternal Sunshine
Shadow's "One Step Closer"
Daddy (2)
Kiss Of Death
Don't Ask...Don't Know...
The Animal In Me
Uh...No Comment?
Tear My Heart Open
Peacin' Out...Signing Off
Reduced To Tears
Please Understand
That Fight I Didn't Win
The Reaper
Shadows Of Oblivion
Just Had To Let Go
Stray Bullet
Actually Untitled
The Dance
Loving You
For You
Only Friends
Confused And Wishing
Friend In A New World
Taking Chances
What I Need To See
My Heart With You
The Fire Of Hate
Drowning In Fury
The Tears Of Fear
Sudden Betrayal
Life Is Like A Game
I Wish
Last Words
Still Together
Couldn't Say I'm Sorry
Remembering You
A Time
Walking Tall
Ready To Die
Where Did You Go?
Forced Lie
An Angel?
Missing You Already
My Dad: Gone Too Soon
Protecting You
I'm Sorry
The Day I Died
It Could Have Been
Betrayal Is The Cruelest Thing
The End
The Real Me That Nobody Sees
Too Late
If I Died Tomorrow
My Grandma And Grandpa
My Family And Friends
Friends Are Like Angels
For My Father
To My Mother
Another Day
Kill Me
Suicide (2)
What Went Wrong?
Suicide Intentions
Desecrated Glory
You Betrayed Me- The Other Side
You Betrayed Me
What Was It Before?
For Us
Until Death Do Us Part
I Love You And Goodbye
One Of The Things That Break Me
Darkness Falls
Drawn Together
I'm Not All Right
Holy Alliance
Do You Know what You Mean To Me?
Get Your Desires When I Retire

Duh, for Cody...I hope you DO know what you mean to me, babe...

Crystal tears create a cascade of ice.
In a world created of ashes and vice.
It is one moment- one breath- for all eternity
Locked within our minds to determine our humanity.
I trudged along the sandy beaches of the desert floor.
I left my body lying in a world that is no more.
All around me I hear her beautiful echo sounding.
Her diamond deserts are beautifully astounding.
Within them manifest a heat-tempered sorrow.
It flirts with my fate and defines my tomorrow.
It is that one moment- that breath- that defines what is me.
That moment that defines how I’ll live by my creed.
I remember it- the last breath you took in my presence.
I could eternally defy my own law of evanescence.
Yet it seems even the most beautiful of oasis dreams
Shatter and fall apart- they’re subjected to screams.
But I find in blissful ignorance I won’t deny how I feel
Don’t care if you’re above me because I’m willing to kneel.
Through your lips escaped that very last breath.
I swore by my soul it would be my death.
The look in your eyes as we said our goodbyes.
I was shit out of luck and straight out of tries.
You were the rich hood rat who dropped to my place.
The rich hood rat that put eternity’s kiss upon my face.
A rich hood rat- so pleasantly deceiving.
Leading me everywhere you know I’m perceiving.
Lost in your hymn, lost in your voice.
Lost in an echo that’s not my choice.
So frail and gray, you’re the riches of this world.
So low to my level the quicksands have swirled.
Sinking now deeper, you can never escape.
You’re the rich hood rat who’s claimed my fate.
Through my life I must thank the Lord that he made me.
Through this time I must thank you because you saved me.
When it hurts so bad that not even time can tell.
I want to say thank you, my angel, for giving me this hell.
You see, personal hell manifests within our minds-
Within that sacred place where you can still be mine.
My hell was a burden- too much to endure.
But it taught me the desert’s waters are pure.
Its sands to soften our greatest of sins.
Its beauty to reflect our being from within.
My hell- created from a time I learned to fail.
Where deepest and darkest nights shall hail.
Like missing your family- your mother or father.
Like watching your bullets scar your dearest brother.
Like fading until the imagery becomes transparent.
Going, going, gone- no other can share it.
Thank you, thank you- you gave me this pain.
Thank you for this hell- none of it in vain.
No price too small, no price too great.
No price exists I’m not willing to pay.
I’ll scream I love you but I’m silenced by the sound.
Of a careless whisper that says "she’s not around."
I love you, and I can’t say anything less or more.
Maybe one day I’ll find my body on that desert floor.

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