Shadow's Poetry...
For Us
*The* Rose
...But I Am
Baby Baby
Garden Of Glass
The Dance Of Eternal Light
Lost Soul
Parak-Ne Bachin 'De
I'm Not Okay
Deserted Losses
Just Don't Know
Into The Mist Of Memories
Can You Hear Me?
Untitled...Any Suggestions?
Untitled, My Dear
The Shadow
Eternally Yours
I Feel
Lethal Assassin/Last Time
Opposing Forces
Eternal Sunshine
Shadow's "One Step Closer"
Daddy (2)
Kiss Of Death
Don't Ask...Don't Know...
The Animal In Me
Uh...No Comment?
Tear My Heart Open
Peacin' Out...Signing Off
Reduced To Tears
Please Understand
That Fight I Didn't Win
The Reaper
Shadows Of Oblivion
Just Had To Let Go
Stray Bullet
Actually Untitled
The Dance
Loving You
For You
Only Friends
Confused And Wishing
Friend In A New World
Taking Chances
What I Need To See
My Heart With You
The Fire Of Hate
Drowning In Fury
The Tears Of Fear
Sudden Betrayal
Life Is Like A Game
I Wish
Last Words
Still Together
Couldn't Say I'm Sorry
Remembering You
A Time
Walking Tall
Ready To Die
Where Did You Go?
Forced Lie
An Angel?
Missing You Already
My Dad: Gone Too Soon
Protecting You
I'm Sorry
The Day I Died
It Could Have Been
Betrayal Is The Cruelest Thing
The End
The Real Me That Nobody Sees
Too Late
If I Died Tomorrow
My Grandma And Grandpa
My Family And Friends
Friends Are Like Angels
For My Father
To My Mother
Another Day
Kill Me
Suicide (2)
What Went Wrong?
Suicide Intentions
Desecrated Glory
You Betrayed Me- The Other Side
You Betrayed Me
What Was It Before?
For Us
Until Death Do Us Part
I Love You And Goodbye
One Of The Things That Break Me
Darkness Falls
Drawn Together
I'm Not All Right
Holy Alliance
Do You Know what You Mean To Me?
Get Your Desires When I Retire

Properly dedicated to my according friends...


For two minutes, I want you to close your eyes.

Forget the screams, the pain, forget our cries.

Keep them shut in silent memory,

And remember everything we used to be.

Forget the tears that have streaked our face,

Forget the violence, forget the disgrace.

When you open your eyes, just remember me,

And get lost into the mist of memories.


4th grade, you slapped me, a bond that wont be broken,

Tied together...bonds of love...its our key token.

From Knotts to Magic Mountain, a 7 hour wait,

Well never grow apart...together is our fate.

Cruel pranks played, a practical joke...

From pushing and shoving to a playful poke.

From 4th to high school, high school to elementary,

I dont care what they say because youve been there for me.

From my father to your brother, a painful death,

Just a hug or a kiss to take the pain, sweep away my breath.

From funeral to memorial, a remembrance night,

These bonds of love have allowed us to unite.

Talking online, writing the next step to a verse,

I told you then of my God-given curse.

You consoled me, comforted me, tried to be there,

But for ten years, vindictivity taught me not to care.

My words, to me, have always been bleak,

And an icy tear falls to rest on your cheek.


Junior high, my years that were thought to be golden.

My strength is ebbing, its too much to hold in.

Friendship born from laughter and fear,

Now just wanting to hold you near.

No more pain, no more lies,

No more accusations and no more denies.

A slow dance so close, I felt your heartbeat.

A sensual new feeling, an amazing feat.

Though my words to me have always been bleak,

At carnelian school, my knees grew so weak.

A fateful decision, lean in for a kiss?

Pause a second for eternity to lead me to bliss?

I made the mistake and decided I shouldnt,

I wanted to hold you, I just couldnt.

Friendship turned to love, it will go unbroken.

Whispered words will go forever unspoken.

A hurtful remark, a slap in the face,

Cold words spoken, fall back a pace.

Temperal fate threw us to live in Venus and Orion,

And you think youre alone with no shoulder to cry on.

But I want to forever be here for you,

Even when it seems theres nothing I can do.

I want you to know I love you, I want to see I care,

I want you to know I always want to be there.

I want to beg you for a second chance,

Drop to a knee, ask for one last dance.

I want you to know I just want to try,

And a teardrop falls from the corner of my eye.


It started in elementary with a weird club,

Now we're in cisco learning about a hub.

Jesus we fucked up, so many mistakes,

So many things to be left in our wakes.

These things made life fun, made it worthwhile,

Even thought we're now labeled a delinquent juvenile.

Junior high, hanging out in the front,

Having a laugh from another amazing stunt.

Ms. Suter and the beginning of club breakfast,

Youll forever have the core of my trust.

Started me in keystyle freestyle, a lost casualty,

Nothing the police do will ever faze me.

I know if I fall back, I can count on you,

Together theres nothing we cant do.

From Kung Fu to grappling, youve tried your best,

Its time for me to put my soul at rest.

I got your back, and you make my life a treat.

An icy teardrop touched my lips, and its bitterly sweet.


The newest addition to our little crew,

You were always a survivor, always pulling through.

So many memories from so many years,

We've spread our laughter and shed our tears.

There is nothing in this world that can beat us,

Fuck anyone who thinks they'll defeat us.

The bond we hold will outlast Kryptonite,

Fuck anyone who gets between us, itll be one hell of a fight.

In the canyons, dark and cold, swimming in the water,

He forgot to hit record, froze our ass off worse than Harry Potter.

Youve been my right arm, youll forever have my trust,

Through both ashes to ashes, and dust to dust.

We'll be friends to the end, friends forever,

I swear by my god this is my endeavor.

You're more than my friend, you're my family,

And I pray that you'll always stand beside me.

I got your back, and you got mine.

It'll be like this till the end of time.

You take away my pain that's too much to condone,

Dont give a fuck if Im fighting forty people all alone.

If only to protect you for another minute,

My world is a jar and you own everything in it.

Anything you want, anything youll ever need,

I will try to give to you without convenance or greed.

Even though our communication is slightly belated,

I will solemnly stand by everything Ive stated.

Not enough dignity to brag or boast,

I find myself missing you the most.

Ill never label my time I spent with you wasted,

Nothing compares to the tears that Ive tasted.

In bitter loneliness, I hang my head in disgrace,

Cause even now, a salty tear falls down my face.



A stain on this page from dried away tears,

From remembrance of the love we've held for these years.

I will always have this longing for the past,

They always said good things werent built to last.

Just close your eyes and remember the fun times we've had.

And Im sorry for the things Ive said to make you sad.

Forget all the things I should have said,

And fuck anyone who says I should push ahead.

I wish I could say everything weve been through,

I wish I could explain my thoughts to you.

As you open your eyes, the pictures are gone,

But memories remain of whats been lost for so long.

I tried to hold on, tried to keep a watch,

But the hands count down on the hands of the clock.

I have the answers to questions Ill never know.

Why does everyone keep telling me to let go?

These memories haunt me of friends Ive had before,

And I wonder why the one who care dont call anymore.

So I wash my face in dirty water,

Cause it gives my mind a little order.

You couldnt help me out if I took your hand...

Im sorry...if I could, Id make you understand.

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