Shadow's Poetry...
Daddy (2)
*The* Rose
...But I Am
Baby Baby
Garden Of Glass
The Dance Of Eternal Light
Lost Soul
Parak-Ne Bachin 'De
I'm Not Okay
Deserted Losses
Just Don't Know
Into The Mist Of Memories
Can You Hear Me?
Untitled...Any Suggestions?
Untitled, My Dear
The Shadow
Eternally Yours
I Feel
Lethal Assassin/Last Time
Opposing Forces
Eternal Sunshine
Shadow's "One Step Closer"
Daddy (2)
Kiss Of Death
Don't Ask...Don't Know...
The Animal In Me
Uh...No Comment?
Tear My Heart Open
Peacin' Out...Signing Off
Reduced To Tears
Please Understand
That Fight I Didn't Win
The Reaper
Shadows Of Oblivion
Just Had To Let Go
Stray Bullet
Actually Untitled
The Dance
Loving You
For You
Only Friends
Confused And Wishing
Friend In A New World
Taking Chances
What I Need To See
My Heart With You
The Fire Of Hate
Drowning In Fury
The Tears Of Fear
Sudden Betrayal
Life Is Like A Game
I Wish
Last Words
Still Together
Couldn't Say I'm Sorry
Remembering You
A Time
Walking Tall
Ready To Die
Where Did You Go?
Forced Lie
An Angel?
Missing You Already
My Dad: Gone Too Soon
Protecting You
I'm Sorry
The Day I Died
It Could Have Been
Betrayal Is The Cruelest Thing
The End
The Real Me That Nobody Sees
Too Late
If I Died Tomorrow
My Grandma And Grandpa
My Family And Friends
Friends Are Like Angels
For My Father
To My Mother
Another Day
Kill Me
Suicide (2)
What Went Wrong?
Suicide Intentions
Desecrated Glory
You Betrayed Me- The Other Side
You Betrayed Me
What Was It Before?
For Us
Until Death Do Us Part
I Love You And Goodbye
One Of The Things That Break Me
Darkness Falls
Drawn Together
I'm Not All Right
Holy Alliance
Do You Know what You Mean To Me?
Get Your Desires When I Retire

To J3ST3R: a father figure of my life I never saw losing...then again I guess I never saw myself losing my real daddy either, did I?

I think it's sad- truly sad- that you just don't get it.
A sword rose against you- you ran out and met it.
Began mortal combat in a futiley waged fight.
You still don't understand how tragedy struck tonight.
Never had a daddy so I looked to fill his role.
As long as he was gone, my heart just held that hole.
Open your eyes, fucker...look the hell around.
Look at the world that you created to bring me down.
By principle and label, you focused only on "Lost Casualty"
You don't fuckin see that I've labeled it "family"
The hole has been filled, don't know whether to thank god or my mother.
MG and B are by my side- they my brotehrs.
I've god LSB and dearest friends,
I have a love that no other transcends.
But to you, our creator, the J3ST3R, a clown.
You became like my father- my real one was never around.
Bending over backwards just to keep our peace.
Hold my tongue with paternal respect until the cold pain's ceased.
NEVER turn my hand against you, NEVER strike back.
NEVER lose that fear that I'm gunna lose the pack.
But lately it seems I'm abused; I bend 'till I break.
And to you it just seems I'm always making the same mistake.
I remember you there- you helped me to walk.
You were my voice when I had none left to talk.
Now I stand strong- I can hold my ground.
I can slip beyond defenses and kill without a sound.
But you're there- you disrespect me and treat me like shit,
You're ALWAYS bringing up this fuckin Kailin bit.
You won't let go of the past and you throw it in my face.
Might as well be spitting on me- show me my fuckin disgrace.
You lie more than I did; Becoming what I hate.
You STILL don't fuckin trust me, but now you can relate.
C'mon, daddy...I'd have hung for you on a cross.
This simply is such a cataclysmic loss.
What did I do, daddy? What did I do?
What did SHE even EVER do to you?
Why do I not deserve your respect, daddy?
How did I come to piss you off like this, daddy?
Answer me, damit! Why should I just waste away?
Why do you feed me SHIT while I stand at bay?
C'mon, daddy...I'm fuckin asking your ass here and now.
Why should I think you give a FUCK anyhow?
C'mon, you fuckin BITCH....why are you sitting in silence?
Isn't it YOU who tried to raise ME on violence?
Why do you raise your hands against me?
Why daddy? Why are you killing me?
Why do you just tempt fate like you do?
How come you never reflected my love for you?
Your hands are around my throat- I can't fucking breathe.
Open your eyes, daddy...see me screaming on my knees.
Daddy, why are you pushing me away so far?
Why are you pushing me away so hard?
Where are going, daddy? Going, going, gone.
Leaving me alone with what's been lost for so long?
You're leaving me again, daddy; leaving me here.
I've got nothing left to lose and nothing left to fear.
You're leaving me a bastard once again; all alone.
The only thing you leave behind is your broken home.
You're leaving me again as the bastard I am,
In the rain, I'm screaming and running as fast as I can.
You're no better than the fucker that preceded your reign,
At least he didn't have a choice in bringing me his pain.
Look behind you and see your child- I'm crying.
Doesn't matter now- he knows his daddy is lying.
Do you even know to yourself what's left of the truth?
Man, this life is so fucked up during youth.

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